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SieMatic New York Redefines the Kitchen Showroom

SieMatic New York Redefines the Kitchen Showroom SieMatic-NY2014-Transom-View New concept showcases kitchen interior design through New York City “apartment experience” SieMatic unveiled its redesigned New York City showroom in theA&D Building with its grand reopening event on March 6, 2014, cosponsoredby VERANDA. The groundbreaking new showroom features SieMatic’s full product line presented in two distinct “apartments.”This innovative concept allows visitors to experience SieMatic’s sophisticated cabinetry designs in a residential-style environment that is warm, welcoming and elegant. SieMatic-NY2014-Wet-Bar   “What makes this showroom exceptionally unique is that rather than lining up typical vignettes, we’ve created an authentic ‘experience’ in the form of two individually-styled New York City apartments,” says Hans Henkes, president and CEO of SieMatic Möbelwerke USA. “Visitors are immersed in a true sensory environment,” he adds, noting the residential setting makes guests feel at home and think, “I could live here.”  SieMatic-NY2014-BA2-Bar The new showroom speaks to SieMatic’s philosophy that kitchen design is about freedom rather than constraint. The company’s brand attracts consumers with a refined appreciation for quality, according to Henkes, who cites the term “irrational exuberance,” popularized by former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan. Henkes flips the term, explaining, “Today’s SieMatic client is about ‘rational exuberance,’ meaning that while they insist upon upscale details and quality, it’s with a sensible approach that’s as functional and practical as it is luxurious.”  SieMatic-NY2014-Corner Renowned, Chicago-based designer Mick de Giulio conceived of the concept for the layout of the revamped showroom. De Giulio’s concept was brought to fruition with the collaboration of designer Mick Ricereto and the SieMatic team at its German headquarters under the direction of André Backemeier, head of corporate architecture and design. SieMatic-NY2014-Pantry SieMatic’s innovative showroom displays kitchens with a full array of veneers, lacquers, and laminates in matt and gloss finishes. “Those familiar with the brand, as well as those just becoming acquainted with it, will leave the innovative apartment-style showroom with a new appreciation for the melding of traditional, transitional, and modern styles,” says Henkes. “By showcasing real living spaces, we’ve created a new experience with familiar aspects for a completely original interpretation.”  SieMatic-NY2014-Drawer SieMatic is an industry leader in the high-end kitchen segment with unyielding commitment to innovative engineering and manufacturing excellence. The company philosophy of complementing a lifestyle, not just offering a product, makes it unique in the industry. From manufacturing plant to showroom floor, SieMatic’s commitment to providing its customers with “the premium lifestyle they deserve” makes the SieMatic brand name synonymous with unparalleled luxury.Pin It

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