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Tile Tuesday | Weekly Tile Inspiration

Tile Tuesday | Glass, Ceramic, Marble and Porcelain Tile Inspiration 

We’re back for another round of gorgeous tile inspiration. Tile can be used is so many areas of your home. From your kitchen backsplash to bathroom shower walls, there is  an application for every single beautiful tile out there. And the options? The options are ENDLESS! This can be overwhelming at times so we have chosen the best of the best for this weeks Tile Tuesday. 

The first up is a full Mirror Glass backsplash. You can do a full sheet of antique mirror like this:

antique glass backsplash luxury kitchen

Antique Mirror Backsplash via

The great thing about using mirror for your backsplash is that it can help open the space and add some needed light if you have a smaller kitchen. OR, if you have a good size kitchen with great light, it adds some beauty to the design. We found a few other mirror options that we thought you’d like as well:

Mirror tile glass backsplash

Glass tile backsplash via designed by Rebecca McAlpin.

kitchen baksplash mosaic mirror

Mosaic Mirror backsplash via

There is still something we love so much about white ceramic tile but what we love more is mixing classic white tile with a black patterned tile and setting it in a herringbone pattern like:

Luxury bathroom White Herringbone Ceramic Tile with Black Hexagon Floor Tile

White Herringbone Ceramic Tile with Black Hexagon Floor Tile via

We love the bold pattern of this white hexagon, paired with a gorgeous gray porcelain tile on the floor:

White Hexagon bathroom tile

White Hexagon bathroom tile via

Walker Zanger’s Contessa arabesque tiles are to die for. These tiles are great for the kitchen or bathroom designs. Check out this gorgeous kitchen application:

walker zanger contessa silver arabesque kitchen backsplash

Walker Zanger’s Contessa Silver arabesque kitchen backsplash via

We are absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS in love with these Alex Turco panels. While this looks like a giant piece of agate, it is actually a print with paint and acrylic on top. The installation is super easy so you can have a chic powder room wall like this in no time.

Alex Turco blue agate powder bathroom wall

Alex Turco Blue Agate Powder Wall via

Mixing materials can be fun too! Check out this kitchen with a hand-painted patterned tile with brick tile on the sides. We love this combo, especially with that gorgeous farmhouse sink.

patterened tile kitchen backsplash with red brick

Hand-painting tile and red brick backsplash via

People often shy away from using black tile but there is nothing to be afraid of when black tile looks this good:

black mosaic kitchen backsplash

Black Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash via

We hope you’ve been inspired! We know we are and looking forward to using some of these gorgeous materials on ou upcoming project.

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