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Wood-Mode, Inc., founded in 1942, is the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom cabinetry for kitchens, baths and other rooms throughout the home. The company is proud to note that its 70+ years in business have all been family owned and operated and is a complete Made in America operation. www.wood-mode.com

Like an increasing number of ocean front homes, this single-level residence embraces the endless ocean view with a light, naturally contemporary flare. Perched along the rocky coast and fused in colors of its natural surroundings, this living space provides a tranquil refuge for a long weekend or a gathering with friends.
Backpainted metallic glass cabinetry creates a shimmering backdrop in both sunlight and moonlight for this open living space. An aqua tint chosen for the linear work islands blends and minimizes their impact on the amazing view. Reclaimed Saxon wood in combination with ultra-thin porcelain creates an interesting contrast within the counter work surfaces. Cherry wood used for the island bar takes its lead from the dining table; incorporating the same organically sculptured edge profile. Travertine colored tile provides the perfect canvas for a palette of earth-tones brought to life with the grey to blue colors of the sea. Removing walls and opening up spaces to one another allows a view at every turn.
Minimizing and centralizing the storage to provide unobstructed views means incorporating unique and creative base storage solutions for items such as glass and tableware. For even more convenience, the application of a low-voltage power system is used to allow hands-free opening and closing of drawers and waste containers. High seasonal storage is accessed similarly by a remote control. Tall pullout food storage pantries were incorporated into the wall of glass cabinetry along with all refrigeration and some cooking elements.
Directly behind the glass cabinetry is a transitional entertainment area featuring a beverage bar. Here family or friends can gather for a glass of wine and quiet conversation before dinner or just grab a latte for the morning commute. As in the kitchen, storage is provided for wine at every temperature, serving ware, glassware and even a warm coffee mug.
During the day natural light illuminates the open living area from all sides while low-voltage lighting provides direct and indirect illumination after sunset. The result: a place that exudes the fresh, clean, calm aesthetic of the ocean view.


Unleash the possibilities for your pet with Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry. Follow Otis, the Labrador Retriever, from puppy to adult as he explores and discovers a space made with him in mind. An island for brushing and grooming doubles as a laundry table for sorting and folding. A built in pet fountain makes filling the water bowl quick and easy (and stylish!). You’ll love the custom hideaway dog dish holders that can be conveniently stored out of the way and make spills easy to cleanup. Space for toys and treats and everything else to pamper your pet. Goodbye ho-hum utility room. Hello multi-purpose pet parlor. The ultimate treat for your pets and the people they own.



Join Hillary and John as they make final preparations for their dinner guests in their Wood-Mode kitchen. Elegant, spacious and functional — this kitchen is perfectly suited for preparing formal dinner parties, quiet evenings at home and everything in between.

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Mirror Stainless Steel, LED lighting and sliding upper cabinet doors merge in high-rise contemporary flair in the Wood-Mode Vanguard Bar.


A study in contrast, the contemporary Wood-Mode Soho bath features a dark Twilight finish on quartersawn red oak against a white vanity.


Brooks Gronlund, Wood-Mode president and owner, discusses the company in a two-minute interview on American Airlines’ inflight Business 360 broadcast.


dison Heights represents an urban environment that weaves a rich fabric of cultural, educational, and economical opportunities for younger professionals who are calling it home. They are beginning to update existing homes in residential city neighborhoods with the latest technology and materials while retaining many of the architectural details of the original building. This blending of traditional elements and modern amenities embraces a neutral color palette paired with tasteful color accents. Their concern for the environment is reflected in the use of recycled and natural materials. For many of them, they want their home to be a work of art and in particular they see their kitchen as art. For busy young professionals with children, urban living is both convenient and cerebral. The remodel of this Edison Heights home provides the opportunity to incorporate an open floor plan with decorative and functional lighting, as well as the latest cooking technology, including multiple appliances to accommodate multiple cooks during meal preparation and clean up. Parents can now work in the kitchen while helping kids with homework or observing play. The open kitchen and living space offers the ability to adjust the ambiance of the space with well-placed lighting for memorable entertaining and socializing with family and friends. Tall cabinetry provides easy access to storage that is well lit for supplies and small appliances. The refrigerator, freezer, steam oven, and warming drawer are integrated into the built-in wall of cabinetry. A large island with a stainless steel top allows the cook to interact with guests or family members. One side of the island is designed for food preparation activities with illuminated specialty storage options while the other organizes dinnerware, serving pieces, and table linens for maximum visual accessibility. Rounded corner pieces soften the size of the island. This detail is repeated on the wet bar area and the breakfast nook. Architectural details in the window and door trim, coffered ceiling, and fireplace preserve the historical heritage. Mirroring many of the details of the fireplace, the hood over the induction range incorporates pull-out storage for spices. Both frameless European style cabinetry and traditional inset front frame construction are featured in the kitchen and living areas. The Park Avenue (Design Group 84) and Murray Hill (Design Group 42) door design is the same with only slight dimensional differences dictated by the cabinetry construction methods. Both feature a one-inch thick frame with a flat center panel. State-of-the-art LED lighting is integrated into both types of cabinetry and offers functionality and ambiance. Glazed opaque finishes in Bright White and Silver Mist play off the soft neutral color scheme while the sandblasted white oak on the island, nook, tables, and mantle center panels has a look and texture of recycled wood. Large slab ceramic tops and backsplash provide easy maintenance. On the wet bar, a metal coated countertop uniquely contrasts the vintage white base cabinetry, while sliding doors with beveled glass inserts on the center wall cabinet reveal an antique mirror backsplash, lending a touch of vintage elegance. Reinforcing a sense of history are the brass and black iron light fixtures which feature state-of-the-art LED efficiency.

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